Myreton Motor Museum was founded by Willie Dale, whose love and knowledge of motor cars gave rise to an ever expanding collection. He soon outgrew the farm sheds at Lochhouses, and in 1966 he purchased cattle courts at Myreton and turned them into a museum.

Willie collected motoring memorabilia and old cars throughout the fifties, sixties and seventies – saving many wonderful models from certain destruction. Many of his treasures are still in the family today and on display, along with other much younger models.

From its opening in 1966 until his death in 1999 Michael Mutch was curator and looked after the collection, whilst maintaining his own military vehicles – now no longer at Myreton.

Below is an opening day photograph taken in August 1966 with Willie, Kathleen, Anne, Mary, Cynthia, Robert and Alec Dale in the Bullnose Morris Oxford (1925). This car was later made famous as Dr Cameron’s car in TV series, Dr Finlay’s Case Book.

Mary, his daughter: “As a child, in the fifties and sixties I have memories of my father returning regularly with yet another ‘old wreck’ on the back of the trailer. For many months he would be in his garage each evening working on restoring the vehicle to full running order. It was a labour of love. “

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